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About Us

to lead the way in creating opportunities

Nak Muay Challenge's aim is to provide opportunities to gyms and fighters especially in Singapore, by offering exposures and experiences through our event and marketing. We provide complimentary videography and photography service for selected gyms and fighters in hopes to play a part in the local scene to help gyms in Singapore with digital marketing.

Nak Muay Challenge is professionally set up, from event planning, matchmaking, marketing, sanctioning, and more. We have a team of full time professionals working on our events to ensure our events are of great quality!

promoted by

Nak Muay challenge is promoted by CM Muay Thai Pte Ltd. CM Muay Thai Pte Ltd is the sole International Sports Kickboxing Association representative in Singapore. It's purpose is to spread the love of muay thai through trainings, events, and professional courses. It aims to be Singapore's leading company for your muay thai needs and entertainment.

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sanctioned by

We are the first event in Singapore to be sanctioned by ISKA, also known as International Sports Kickboxing Association. Our fights follow strictly to the rules and regulations of ISKA. We practice a standard weight limit category to maintain safe matchmaking.

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5 top reasons to choose us

1) Get to be treated professionally with our services and events for gyms and fighters

2) Affordable ticket pricing that allows you to attend all our events to support your local favourite fighters

3) Professional videos, photos, and posters to be kept as memories for gyms and fighters

4) Sanctioned by an international regulatory body

5) Exciting match ups between fighters that will keep you at the edge of your seat for every event

weight limits


53kg, 55kg, 57kg, 59kg, 61kg 63.5kg, 65kg, 67kg, 70kg, 72.5kg, 75kg, 78kg, 81.5kg, 85kg, 88.5kg, 95kg, 100kg, Open


48kg, 50.5kg, 52kg, 53.5kg, 55kg, 57kg, 59kg, 61kg, 63.5kg, 65kg, 67kg, 70kg

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